Join us for the DOVER HARBOR’s Official 100th Anniversary Celebration

DCNRHS is celebrating the century mark of our Legendary Pullman in grand style this year, with a banquet at the Army-Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA on May 7th. Besides guests speakers and experts on our 1923 beauty, enjoy a great meal and being surrounded by others with a true affinity for this rare piece of Americana. All attendees will receive a DOVER HARBOR sourvenir as well. For more information visit the event page.

Plan your 2023 Private Adventure with us.

Recalling the opening of a classic American folk song by Woody Guthrie…

“This land is your land

This land is my land

From the Californias to the New York island

From the redwood forests

To the gulf stream waters…”

See this land, by Pullman, aboard DOVER HARBOR.

Interested in a private charter in 2023? Let’s talk. We are now booking adventures with clients for 2023. Whether you want to give your family trip of a lifetime, enjoy travel with a group of friends, or hold a unique incentives and rewards activity or business meeting event for your company, a DOVER HARBOR journey will not disappoint. Talk with our Charter Agent for more information.

Photo by J. Lilly

Get there looking your best!

Here is a vintage Pullman advertisement showing two gentlemen in a men’s washroom. Very nostalgic. This is grand, but aboard DOVER HARBOR your experience is even better! Each bedroom has its own sink, razor outlet, toilet, and there are plenty of towels. So the next time you travel, go the way Americans have been doing it for more almost a century, travel with us aboard DOVER HARBOR. Avoid the hassles of the security, the cramped conditions on a plane, and those long drives. We don’t serve airport or fast food!

Classic Pullman Advertisement!

7 Great Pullman Travel Advantages

Safety, sleep in a real bed, service, privacy, and roominess were some of the great reasons that Pullman advertised as advantages to “Going Pullman” frequently in its advertising. Here is an advertising clip from a circa 1930s Pullman ad talking about these advantages, which you may still enjoy aboard DOVER HARBOR today.

From a vintage Pullman Company advertisement, circa 1930s.

Night Pullman

DOVER HARBOR passes the Olmsted Falls, Ohio Lakeshore and Michigan Southern passenger depot bringing up the markers on Amtrak’s westbound Capitol Limited (Train No. 29) early on October 18, 2021 on a trip to Chicago from Washington, D.C.. Photo by Coal and Steel Railroad Photography.