How much does it cost to charter, rent, or lease the DOVER HARBOR?
Answer: To answer this question, you need to talk directly to our Charter Agent.  The cost of the charter depends upon where and when you want to travel, what services you want, and how many passengers will be traveling with you. During certain times of the year however it is possible that these costs are significantly less so talk to us and see what we can work out for you!  Please keep in mind that no two charters cost the same and the only way to get an accurate price is to talk to the Charter Agent. It is a disservice to you and us to e-mail you a quote without first ascertaining  your exact needs.  We will turn a quote around to you as quickly as possible.

Our most popular trip is our  one-day adventure  to Williamsburg, Virginia  from Washington, D.C.  Prices vary depending upon your needs and time of year. Talk to our Charter Agent for more information about this and all other destinations. We can also do a two-day turn to New York City (up one day, back the next), another popular trip.   Chicago is also a great destination and can be done in a little as three days.  Additional layover days at a destination are also usually relatively inexpensive, so you can often add a day or two to your stay affordably. At some locations (major terminals) the car can be used as a hotel.

Stationary charters are generally substantially less expensive than mobile charters. Washington, D.C. Union Station is a perfect location for a stationary charter we often use.

The funds we make in charters of DOVER HARBOR go back into the maintenance of the car by our dedicated volunteers. Only a fraction of the costs of a trip actually go to us. Amtrak, food, and freight railroad costs, make up the majority of the costs; we have to pass these costs on to our customers or we could not continue to operate.

When considering a private car trip, PRICE and car configuration  are not the only things you should consider.   The key to a truly memorable high-quality experience is SERVICE. And our SERVICE stands head and shoulders above the rest!


Rolling and stationary charters of DOVER HARBOR are subject to all terms and conditions as defined in a negotiated and executed Charter Agreement between the charterer and The National Railway Historical Society, Washington, D.C. Chapter, Inc. (DCNRHS).  These terms and conditions address occupancy, itinerary, liability, insurance, fees and costs, specific payment terms, and other terms and conditions related to the charter..  A deposit is normally required when the lease agreement is signed, and full payment is due thirty days before the event or initial departure. Credit cards are not accepted for any payments due under the Charter Agreement.  Please contact the Charter Agent for more information.

For public tours, trips, excursions, and events on DOVER HARBOR offered by The National Railway Historical Society, Washington, D.C. Chapter, Inc. (DCNRHS), please see the Travel With Us section of the DCNRHS web site for General Conditions and each trip page for Specific Conditions related to that trip.

Top photo by J. Lilly

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