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Pictorial Tour - The Buffet / Kitchen ...

The Buffet  ...
As you step into the hallway at the far end of the lounge you see the compact stainless-steel buffet. Immediately in front of you on the right stacked bottom-to-top is the oven, stove, grill, and food-warmer. In the back is a long counter complete with a drink well and an ice-cream well. On the outside wall to your left under a small window is still more counter space and a deep double sink, each well opening shaped to accommodate a Pullman tray over its opening. On your left immediately is the double ice-box, which when fully loaded will keep food stores cold for several days. Overhead there are many storage cabinets.

Top section of DOVER HARBOR IceboxAll of your dining needs are taken care of from the buffet. From simple snacks and beverages to complete full-course meals, the entire menu will be tailored to your satisfaction.

** Buffet Photo by Jack Boucher 
** Ice box photo by J. Lilly




Fine Dining Awaits You on the DOVER HARBOR

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