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Pictorial Tour - Entering the Car ...

View of Lounge from Vestibule End of the DOVER  HARBORAs you enter the car you notice a beautiful framed advertisement depicting the wonders of Pullman travel on the wall directly in front of you. Then you step to your left and the beauty of the lounge opens before your eyes. It is furnished in discriminating and excellent taste. The upholstered chairs and sofas are those you would expect to find in good homes and clubs. The mahogany tables and woodwork and brass lighting fixtures likewise are decorative. Deep soft carpeting covers the floor in pleasing colorful harmony with the decorative scheme.

The lounge allows you the freedom of movement, and provides a variety of comfortable chairs and sofas from which you may relax and enjoy the scenery. It is ideal for complete relaxation, and creates an inviting atmosphere of sociability in travel. To your right are the writing desk and a credenza. As you walk forward down the aisle toward the other end of the lounge, you pass by two sets of tables where complete meals, beverages, and snacks are served. These tables are also an ideal spot for reading a magazine, playing cards and board games, or even working on your laptop.

** Photo by Dave Scavone

Elegance and Splendor Awaits You on the DOVER HARBOR

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Lease the DOVER HARBOR and rediscover the "Golden Age of Railroading!"

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