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Below are pictures of a sister car of the DOVER HARBOR, the DOVER BAY.  The photos were taken by Jim Kalrath < > of the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad on July 19, 2000.

The DOVER BAY  was acquired by the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin in the mid 1960's. Every summer, the Great Circus Train makes its way from Baraboo, WI to Milwaukee, WI. Besides a lot of publicity, the primary purpose of the Great Circus Train is to transport over 100 rare, priceless, antique circus wagons. These wagons are unloaded, hitched up to horses and are pulled along the the route of the Great Circus Parade held every year in downtown Milwaukee. After the parade, the wagons are reloaded onto the train and transported back to Baraboo, where they will be stored inside and made available for the Great Circus parade the next year.

The interior of the car is in near original condition, but the exterior of the car has been professionally painted to compliment the rest of the "Great Circus Train". The car is used about two weeks out of the year and is the primary crew quarters during the annual Great Circus Train journey through southern Wisconsin. Click here for more information on the Great Circus Train

As historians we, the owners of the DOVER HARBOR,  hope  that one day this car will be restored and operable along side the DOVER HARBOR.

(click on the photos below to see the full size version)

DOVER BAY in Baraboo, WI
DOVER BAY at a rest stop in Madison, WI
Interior view of the DOVER BAY
Interior view of the DOVER BAY


DOVER BAY in Baraboo, WI


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