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Temporarily Yours, Rolling or Stationary ...

The DOVER HARBOR is an unparalleled example of first-class railroad passenger service from 70+ years ago. It is impossible to find anything in regular railroad service today that can equal the DOVER HARBOR's heavyweight riding comfort, elegant appointments, and full climate control. Small wonder that Forbes Magazine, in an article published October 2, 1989, referred to the DOVER HARBOR as a "Jewel of the Rails."

To share this grand living example of the grandest years of railroad passenger travel, the Washington, D.C. Chapter NRHS offers the DOVER HARBOR for lease, either rolling on America's rails or at some appropriate parking site.

Thus an exclusive excursion or occasion can be yours. For an overnight journey there is capacity for up to 10 guests. For a day time trip or stationary event there is capacity for 24 guests. If you need capacity for more guests, our Charter Agent will be happy to work with you in arrangements for additional private cars or space on Amtrak.

The car's buffet provides a meal preparation area for serving meals and beverages on board. You may arrange with our Charter Agent for the car's staff to provide and serve meals or you may arrange for a caterer to do so.

Up to five of the six double bedrooms are available for you and your guests. The sixth is reserved for the crew.

At  least two fully qualified and experienced crew members  are always present to provide outstanding service,  assure proper operation of the car's systems and to deal with railroad personnel.  We can also provide a chef.

The DOVER HARBOR is an Amtrak Class A (unrestricted) car. It draws electric power from the locomotive to provide lighting, heating, and air conditioning. The car has a tank for water. It can run on any Amtrak train that does not exceed 110 miles per hour. Its diesel powered generator with fuel tanks also allows it to operate in non Amtrak service and to power a second HEP equipped car.

All of the arrangements for your trip can be handled by contacting our Charter Agent.

Available for travel across America or for entertaining at a rail site of your choice.


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Lease the DOVER HARBOR and rediscover the "Golden Age of Railroading!"

Call our Charter Agent Today!

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